Monday, January 29, 2007


Afraid of what I am becomming
I just cant understand
How I can be replaced
Pushed away by your hand
There is a darkened cloud that
shades my heart
It doesnt let me see
Who you really are
It doesnt let me believe
Who i really am
Im just doing the best that i can
So im waiting for my final day
So i can let this all go away
Ive been told
I am the one
But left in the shadows
As fast as it had begun
And i sit here
Many moons into you
Many times i thought we were through
My heart has yet to replace you
I know I have always been ready to give
I know I have been waiting for my chance to live
within your embrace
For you i have fallen
Fallen from grace
but wherever it is you take me
I want to trust you wont forsake me
Sometimes id like to hide from you
You know too much of who i am
but when you look away each time
Im afraid you will never understand
So I hold you like a child
not ready to know the truth
I just hold you and whisper
How much i am in love with you
There are things in this life
worth waiting for
Wish I could see it in black in white
the way you do i guess
you either love or you don't
But you are missing the best
here inside these eyes you see
Is a soul thats falling endlessly
Behind this chest
a heart that beats
Through cloudy days
and lifes defeats
a soul that craves life
and every breath
to never be torn from you,
not even when it meets death
You are my passion
My evening star
Your my life desire
I hold you far
Above all else
I have ever known
In losing myself with you
has grown

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