Monday, February 07, 2005

The awakening

Its like i have just woken up from a deep sleep again...
Why do I get lost...why do I keep losing myself...
Why is it one day I wake up and wonder where I have been for so long?
I feel like I am 2 people...
and the one I like to be is who I am now...
My heart is emotions on head is so high in the air
I don't even know what is going on..but I don't just here...and that is where I am happy!
I am fighting this hunger inside me with words...with feeling..controlling the pain...
Damage control!

I heard somethign the other night that reminded me of what people have been telling me for years...
"Alot of people love you.... just think they are all wrong!"


Baby Im addicted, im out of control
Your the drug the keeps me from dying...
Your the only reason im trying
Im wasted away
made a million mistakes
Im not afraid of dying
but im afraid of losing you

Baby Im addicted
Im out of control...

current mood: Dazed
current music: Addicted-Enrique

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