Thursday, August 09, 2007

My sweetest thing,

I am sorry i could not stay with you
This world was just too much
I pray you are looking down on me
Remembering the grace left by my touch

Please forget the days
You found me wrapped around myself crying
I think i knew, before my time
I was merely breathing but always dying

I faded away before i was born
The Screaming lasted much too long
Comforted by the embrace of love
But the darkness was never truly gone

I reached out blindly, Eyes wide shut
Praying for relief, Trying to survive
No matter what i held on to
No matter how hard i tried
I could never find a way to simply feel alive

The precious soul i will miss
My love, My only star
Please know that in this darkened world
I was never meant to get this far

Because of you I suffered
Breathing for only you
Watching over the choices you made
Holding on till I was sure i knew

That you would LIVE without me
That you would find a way
That even in the shadows of what once was
You would shine through night and day

I was merely holding on
As to not leave you behind
But no longer could my hand grasp tight
I fell from you and took my life
Consumed by shadows within my mind

Please forget the sickness you have seen
The ways I bled, the ways I screamed
Please forgive me for leaving this way
I may not be living by your side
BUt i will find the moments beyond this day

To touch your heart
To relieve your pain
To dance with you
Beyond my shame

I made sure to use the other sheets
The ones you never liked
And layed myself upon their threads
Closed my eyes to remember life

When the rain falls, please do not dance alone..
But close your eyes and feel me there
Let your skin tremble and bring you home

When the wind caresses your face,
Feel my breath upon your soul
For I live now in the open
Free from my body
Laughing in the daylight
As my body lies there cold

When the night falls upon you
Hear the whispers of my love
Because I assure you I am still loving you
From my grave, as you stand above

I am no longer in pain
I see not the demons eyes
Passing on the streets of earth
Parading in their flawless disguise

I am no longer afraid
Of losing the ones I hold dear
I have released you from what i am
When you are ready to fly
A promise on death
On loss of breath
I promise my love...
I will meet you here.

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